Team Velo Canberra has existed in various guises since 1997.

Originally known as ‘Catalyst Interactive’, the team was started by local cycling legend Michael Payne and Ken Kroeger, owner of the business Catalyst Interactive. The original intent of the the team was to both support local Canberra cyclists to race at National elite level races (long before the National Road Series (NRS) came along) and dominate the annual CCC Summer Criterium Series.

The team renamed itself as Velo Canberra as new sponsors joined our journey and now races under the name Team Tiffen Cycling.

As the team has progressed, so have the riders average age! The last time the team lined up for a NRS event was in 2016 and the majority of the team instead race in Masters events and NSW and Vic state events. And of course, still trying our best at the CCC Summer Criterium Series (and also the ACT Veterans series!)

As the team aged, we’ve put effort into supporting one or two juniors each year, with 2021 marking a new phase in our history – a Tiffen Junior Team.