About Tiffen Cycling Team

Tiffen Cycling Team has been founded in order to achieve the following:

Promote the benefits of teamwork.

Facilitate a cohesive team environment, allowing dedicated racing cyclists from the Canberra region to participate in state and national events as a team, whilst also providing the support structure that is inherent with this.

Promote the Canberra Region.

Tiffen Cycling Team believe that Canberra is a great place to live and a great place to take part in sports such as cycling. Tiffen Cycling Team wishes to spread the word that Canberra is Australia’s number one cycling location be it racing, training or recreationally.

Promote its sponsors.

Tiffen Cycling Team are dedicated to promoting and enhancing the image of its sponsors in a professional manner and is generously supported by Tiffen and Co. (the mortgage detective), CDC Data Centres, Beess and Co Cafe and Trek Bicycles and Bontrager Components